If “Iceland” just described the process? Get ready for an #IceAGE in the United States… (Potpourri)

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If “Iceland” just described the process?

If “Iceland” just described the process in which the country of Iceland took back control of their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness from a corrupt government and banking system a few years back… for those that know and haven’t been misled on that great “Egyptian” like process that actually did take place.

Many believe that it is long past time for something similar to take place in America and some are saying get ready for an #IceAGE in the United States as #ENOUGHisENOUGH and #STOPdcFRAUD is the GOAL!

To understand why “we” are here at this point in time, it is important to know the key players that are responsible for leading this Nation into the brink of devastation. Regardless of political party affiliation, those that have been tasked to “run” this country are either failing intentional or are just completely incompetent.

The constant “game of politics” as usual is a very big part of the problem that has caused ongoing economic crisis in the United States and through-out the World as well and that is why those that are considered as being most responsible have been justifiably referred to as Obama et al.

The “buck stops” at the “top” and when the “system” is failing it requires attention.

Adjustments to correct “flaws” are as necessary as curing cancer in those that are losing the battle for life. Those adjustments should be made within the system as detailed within the United States Constitution and not through acts of civil unrest or through violence. Violence is not acceptable.

However, fraud at any level within government should never be tolerated and should be rightfully re-classified as “violence” against The People, Constitution, Nation and All of Humanity…

Failing to hold those accountable for any crimes committed is unacceptable and standing on the side-lines “hoping for change” is acceptance, an unwarranted pardon and completely unacceptable.

More background on those that are actually taking a stand, go here:

To Understand Obama, The Character, I defer to the Mr. Massie to describe the BIGGEST FRAUD to-date, OBAMA…

“There are only so many words in our lexicon that accurately describe Obama. Apostate, baneful, pernicious, mendacious, Erebusic, vengeful, liar, and Communist are among the first repeatable words that come to my mind in reference to him. But based on how he is treating American military families and the remains of their loved ones lost in service to their country goes beyond anything in my vocabulary. … His malicious malfeasance is contemptible and portrays a lack of conscience unwitnessed even in the likes of Jeffrey Dahmer and David Berkowitz.”
Mychal Massie

More background on Obama and other “DC Players” can be better understood from these additional articles and sources:

Most Everyone Agrees that Stopping FRAUD is a Necessity…

The best solution is to #STOPdcFRAUD that extends all across this planet…. but, how do you convince the overpaid fed/state/local (public “servant”) employee, short of complete system collapse, that #ENOUGHisENOUGH?

These “folks” are being paid more than the “government” entities can collect (steal) from the private sector because more and more people are being drained financially from every direction. Will the over paid and truly greedy criminals associated with Obama et al, help to save this Country, Nation & Western World or are they riding this Obama Wave of Destruction all the way of the edge of the World and into complete devastation?

The private sector is going broke and eventually there will be NO MIDDLE CLASS and NO TAX DOLLARS TO STEAL…

What happens at that point???

More bogus and illegal IRS raids to steal from The People? More bogus and illegal DHS raids to steal from The People? More bogus and illegal DEA raids to steal from The People? More bogus and illegal “law enforcement” raids to steal from The People?

Seriously, what happens next???

#AccountabilityNOW#FastandFurious #Benghazi #Extortion17 #IRS #DHS #Immigration #Gitmo #ObamaCare #BirthCertificate #NoBudget #Hate #Zimmerman #2ndAdmendment #1stAdmendment #Abortion #FortHood #NavyYardShooting …not even tip of the “iceberg” of crimes with ties to Obama et al…

Reasoning with the unreasonable is not very likely and therefore a level playing field is necessary. A playing field that only deals with facts, truth and justice (true justice not “paid for” justice).

How to level the playing field?

Eliminate Political Correctness (PC), as being political correct is far from correct or truthful. #PCisPC and there in lies the problem as Political Correctness is the language of the Political Corruption.

The Nation is awake and ready for #AccountabilityNOW as The People move to #STOPdcFRAUD at whatever cost. The People do NOT Support Any Involvement in Syria other than “keep it in your borders or you will bombed into the stone age…”

However, dealing with Syria is going to have to take a “backseat” as the crimes committed against The People, Constitution, Nation and All of Humanity can no longer be ignored. We The People put #HumanityFIRST and move to #JailOBAMAetal which is in the best interest #Truth #Justice and #Freedom for The People, and ultimately all of Humanity.

Allowing greed, fraud and corruption to go unchecked in governing, education and media agencies is a practice that must come to an end and those that have stolen, defrauded and harmed The People, Constitution, Nation and All of Humanity must be brought into check and held ACCOUNTABLE.

No more theft of The Peoples wealth for personal profit and waste. No more legislation that favors a corrupt government and further enslaves it’s people. No more restriction of rights that benefit a small percentage of “animals” with questionable ethics and complete lack of moral compass. No more political games at the psychological and physical devastation of The People and Humanity.

Want to know where to start?


Do you want to learn more about crimes committed by this Government, all 3-branches (Executive, Legislative and Judaical) here’s a good site to do some fact-finding:

Do you agree?

Most of us with the ability to reason do, but where to start first? Washington DC appears to be the home of GREEDY, CORRUPT, FRAUDS, CLOWNS and/or INCOMPETENT IDIOTS. Regardless of party affiliation – there appears to be no difference and complete absences of “representation” and absolutely NO ACCOUNTABILITY…

#JailOBAMAetal The MOST APPROPRIATE ACTION is to impeach, prosecute and imprison these questionable types for CRIMES against The People, Constitution, Nation and ALL of Humanity.

  1. “Redistribution of Wealth” is a CRIME against The People.
  2. Changing or ignoring the Bill of Rights is a CRIME against the Constitution.
  3. Inciting Civil Unrest is a CRIME against this Nation.
  4. Support of known terrorists of any sort is a CRIME against Humanity.

The evidence is there staring and everyone in the face, yet nothing seems to be happening.

303. An August 11, 2011 survey showed that 42% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. The data are a slight improvement over the 2010 results but remain at levels seen at the height of the recession which began in December 2007. Even 14% of Americans with six figure salaries belong to this group. (An Obama Scandals List).


The whole system is corrupt from financial backers to government and all through-out the “higher” education system into major media, legal and medical industries making the next step to #JailOBAMAetal even more logical and necessary.


It is purposed and accepted by many that those that fail to act within the accountability Process to hold these DANGEROUS ELEMENTS ACCOUNTABLE should be considered as ENEMIES of The People, ENEMIES of the Constitution, ENEMIES of the Nation and ENEMIES of ALL of HUMANITY.

However, Let’s face the fact that everything short of ACCOUNTABILITY is nothing but another distraction.


Those that have been PAID to represent the best interests of the People, Nation and US World Presences are NOT EXEMPT from being prosecuted for CRIMES COMMITTED – NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW.

Unfortunately, too many of these “representatives” believe that their position is a free pass into the “cookie jar” regardless if their actions can be considered as being unethical, amoral, corrupt, criminal and/or completely incompetent.

Government has become the largest and most corrupt “Pyramid” Scam through-out all of man-kind making Bernie Madoff look like a common gumball thief or that kleptomaniac that “accidentally” steals your pins and stationary at every chance…


Accountability via checks and balances is not an “option” IT IS A MUST and when those that have been “hired” by means of funding from The People FAIL to do their job, the RESPONSIBILITY FALLS ON THE PEOPLE.

IT is way past time to clean up greedy, corrupt, criminal and/or incompetent government for causing far too much harm and bring devastation to this Nation, the World and Humanity.

If Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today, he would be leading this Nation on a march against a greedy, corrupt and criminal Governing Agencies that MUST BE BROUGHT into Check…

#AccountabilityNOW because #ENOUGHisENOUGH as it is now time to #JailOBAMAetal.

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    June 28, 2014 at 7:00 pm
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    Reblogged this on 99centOPEN and commented:

    Understanding the root of the problems We all face (through-out this Nation & World) is the key to solving simple issues that have plagued mankind for ages. Seek truth in order to determine the best path for all of humanity.

    If we continue to ignore an elite few that are engaged in on-going greed, fraud & corruption within government and between crony (corrupt) associations mankind will never be free from the shackles of physical or economic servitude.
    The key to solving any problem starts with addressing the root cause of that problem and stop being distracted by the harmful side affects. Once the main cause is addressed the side affects can eventually be solved.
    In order to #SaveHUMANITY we must #STOPdcFRAUD.
    #OAS is a global movement of the people, by the people and for the people who want the best for all of humanity (regardless of outward appearance, gender or personal preference). It all comes down to the Golden Rule, “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” Those that do not follow or understand this basic rule of humanity are likely complicit in economic corruption or a useful idiot of varying degree.
    Always remember that there are far more good people in this World then bad…

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