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More striving to be free Americans are pledging daily to “Not Comply” with this illegal “TAX SCAM” and the numbers to boycott exceed those that are marching “off the cliff” to government subjugation. Those that have recently declined to the “I will not comply” pledge on Facebook because they appear to be afraid of the implied threats by POTUS in recent televised events are either fake accounts or extremely miss-informed about ACA aka Obamacare. More likely, those pledging to “march like a Lemming” are not actually human, it has been observed that many social media accounts are actually fake Facebook accounts (Read More on  83 million Facebook accounts are fakes and dupes –

This monster of a illegal tax law is destroying this country and has very little to do with health care.

(Read More on Why ACA is Illegal Tax Fraud)

TAXES are the Purpose of ACA… NOT Health Care

The hidden taxes related to bank transaction and home sales taxes are just a few of the pitfalls that will ultimately economically devastate this country & World economies…

You can continue to sit on that fence until you are finally knocked-off for good or take a stand now and do the right thing.

Pledging to not comply with ACA is not pledge against Health Care it is a Demand to Stop the on-going Greed, Fraud & Corruption within Washington DC that is destroy this country & World economies.

The government has no business deciding/within a relationship between care giver and patient. NONE.


How can Economic Professionals Know What’s Medically Best for Anyone?

Economic Professionals involved in this ACA “Experiment” (as it has been labeled by writers of this illegal monstrosity of tax laws disguised as health care) do NOT and will NEVER understand the importance of a single life and the preservation of that life.

ACA puts a dollar amount on life and if that amount “exceeds the worth of an individual” then that individual is no more.

To this greedy, corrupt and out-of-control government, We The People are nothing but “revenue” streams that help to maintain and develop an amoral system based on complete economic servitude or are soon to become collateral damage…

It is possible to have a peaceful, calm and organized reform process that will ultimate provide an even better health care system then we once had in country but that starts with holding our government accountable now.

ACA is NOT HEALTH CARE REFORM. ACA is ILLEGAL TAXATION meant to destroy this country. ACA is a by-product of progressive liberalism that is based less on logic and more on unstable emotional rage.

Progressive liberalism is a disease that is just as sick and closed minded as racism and sexism; because it utilizes fear & hate as means to persuade others to follow instead of enlightenment & understanding. Progressive liberals believe in teaching through telling someone they are “owed” something because the “big bad wolf” deprived them of “it” and therefore mostly inspire greed, fraud & corruption which results in harm to others. That’s wrong. ACA is wrong. ACA is and will continue to cause more and more harm.

America and the World are due for an #IceAGE of accountability as this same old “song and dance” of greed, fraud & corruption must end as it is in the best interest of ALL HUMANITY.

Iceland has already provided the blue print…

I WILL NOT COMPLY is the first step in the right direction. PLEDGE HERE

If you do not stand for anything, you will fall for everything.

p.s. $0 made from this and all other past posts to date… I like millions of other Americans have been drowning in debt complements of a sick Nation that is in desperate need of serious mental health treatment.

p.s.s. if someones past is indication of what will come in their future, then it is important to understand everything that makes someone the way they are regardless of how they may appear to be… seek truth and don’t fall for fraud and deception.

The Information is Out There… But, Do You Have the Courage to Listen?

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