The Purpose of 99centOPEN Started @eBay

The original purpose of this eBay account was to start off all auctions at a 99cent Opening bid with reasonable buy it now prices. All products offered were good quality products with plenty of useful life or of collectible value. Since the start of 2012, 99centOPEN has sold hundreds of items at little to no profit, so we started a new method in 2013 to, at the least, break even. The new sale model includes 6.99 open items with free s/h in addition to 99centOpen items.

In addition to selling on eBay, social network sites on Twitter and Facebook were established. The initial intent was to highlight current on-going auctions in an effort to bring in more business.

Started 699 Open Offers with Free US S/H in 2013

However, based on the ever worsening US and World economies, the ever increase in terrorism, the constant bombardment of politically correct rhetoric from the mainstream media, and the accelerated growth of blatant corruption in our governing agencies, the social media accounts have become more of a platform to exercise our “Freedom of Expression” in addition to highlighting some ongoing and upcoming eBay auctions.

Directions Change as This Country and World are Under Duress…

Unfortunately, this country and other World Nations appear to have been taken over by groups of spoiled rotten children that do not have one once of good common sense instilled within their character (or complete lack thereof).

These greedy “representatives” are more like out of control “thugs” hell bent on destroying every aspect of an attempted free market and have resorted to all means of PC driving forms of financial extortion to feed their ever growing greedy appetites. If not, it sure feels like many of us are under duress in this Nation.

Those that “can” have been replaced by those that “can’t” and every part of this National and World economies and work ethic professions are suffering…

Basically, I am not happy with the direction of this Nation and I have little to no faith in the “individuals” that appear to be steering the ship. I feel that Impeachment (or Indict), Prosecution and Imprisonment will become the norm over the coming months ahead – there’s more than a little mess to clean up in government and I feel it is our duty as Human Beings to get busy and solve this mess. I refuse to accept the animal feed or slop currently being past off as “Citizen.”

However, it is more like that immediate incarceration will be the ultimate outcome (#jailOBAMAetal).

Which ever way a process of accountability leads us (starting with Impeachment or Jail) is not the concern as long as some form of accountability follows (#AccountabilityNOW).

In the meantime, everything must be sold to cover payments to the banks and the greedy big business (known today as Big Government)…

Enjoy the ride… this process is currently being written and no one knows for sure what the final outcome will bring. I am routing for HUMANITY (#HumanityFIRST).

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