The Face of Coward Series (#FaceOfCoward) will be an ongoing process to categorize those “special ones” that appear to be driven by fear, hate, greed, anger and/or just plain stupidity.

The “Faces” appearing in the #FaceOfCoward Series are not any particular order nor are the faces being ranked from worse to the most evil. It is believed that all of the “Faces” identified within the #FaceOfCoward series are “created equal” as much as can be considering they are believed to be cowards by a large portion the population that has been adversely affected in one way or another by these “Faces” acts of cowardliness.

The biggest “crimes” of the “Faces” within the #FaceOfCoward Series is mistaking “human respect” and “faith in fellow-man” (man regardless of appearance or packaging) as being a population of naive and hopeless “sheep” that were ripe for “their” taking… #EPICdcFAIL

The first 7 #FaceOfCoward posted to twitter are as follows:

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