#FaceOfCoward: Series No. 22nd through 28th

Mental illness may be a bigger problem them many want to admit but one way to identify those that lack sufficient mental capabilities could be tied back to tendencies to perpetrate fraud and corruption in hopes of some form “greedy” gain (e.g. money, sex, drugs, “power”…).

For a majority of us, the greed, fraud and corruption has reached levels that are no longer tolerable which means true change is inevitable.

Accountability is coming soon and that process will ultimately called an IceAGE

#STOPdcFRAUD is the goal as it is likely that “revenue” recovered from a just and well deserved accountability process could more than likely led to NO Debt, NO Homeless and NO Starving Children.

Those that “can’t” should NEVER be “trusted” with “power” over those that “can and do” as those that “can’t” are “not very smart” and their hate, greed and corruption is proof.

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