#FaceOfCoward: Series No. 29th through 35th

By all means, do object…

Or, if nothing else, voice your opposition as it will be posted and not ignored.

However, SPAM, threats and other acts of COWARDICE will be get the respect rightfully deserved… NONE.

It’s important to note that the #FaceOfCoward in this 1st image lies on the “left.”

Don’t worry if those viewing feel that they may have been excluded or ignored from the #FaceOfCoward series as it has only just begun.

Therefore, if you’ve been involved in anything that can be perceived as greed, fraud or corruption and “economic prosperity” has been realized through interactions of greed, fraud or corruption that has caused harm to The People, Constitution, Nation or All of Humanity, then it is likely “you” will see your #FaceOfCoward here very soon…

As the Nation and World awakens, the reality of an unavoidable #IceAGE is welcomed by The People, Nation and All of the World.

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