#FaceOfCoward: Series No. 43rd through 49th

As the number of “gadfly” grows into a swarm the size of locus, this World has yet to see, you realize that a breaking point is near.

Why do those that are “gifted” so much that comes with great responsibility ignore their duties?

(This magazine cover with Dave, a well known TV “start”, that  is swinging on a “crescent moon” makes you question the meaning behind the publisher’s intentions…  Wiki: Star & Crescent.)

Those that embrace greed, fraud & corruption within “occupation” over their duties to humanity can be considered as #FaceOfCoward. Especially, if the acts grossly take advantage of those less fortunate themselves…

At present, there appears to be no difference between the “left” and “right” through-out this Nation as it relates to those that have been entrusted with the authority to “represent.”

Those in DC representing the “Left” or “Right” appear to be all part of the same of Politically Correct Bull Shit (#PCBS) pie that Main Stream Media (#MSM) is serves up like a drug dealer pushes crack on adolescent children… It is embarrassing and disgusting.

More & more it becomes clear that the Icelandic Blue Print to resolve government corruption through an #IceAGE through-out the United States (and World) is necessary…

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